OnTrak Intelligent Hospital

OnTrak Realtime Location System (#OnTrak) provides accurate and immediate information about the location and status of medical devices, the location of doctors, nurses, and hospital staffs, patients and patient relative on the hospital campus. At the same time, the system’s integrated sensors help to record and manage hospital operations more safely and effectively. 

Key features of the system:

1. Monitor the position of the staff and patient:

  • Know the position of staff (doctors, nurses, security guards …) to facilitate the coordination of hospital operations.
  • Positioning cards are integrated with emergency buttons so that employees or patients can activate them in case of emergencies for timely assistance.
  • Positioning devices for patient integrated additional fall sensors to detect abnormal falling or unconscious situations for immediate reaction.
  • Positioning devices for staff and patients are also the measuring tool for the responding time of the hospital when a situation needs support (amount of time from incident to arrival support)

2. Keep a watchful eye on hand hygiene compliance:

According to the World Health Organization, the hands of healthcare staffs (doctors, nurses) may contain bacteria that can increase a patient’s infection, or cross from one patient to another.

In the US, the rate of hospital infections accounts for about 5%, with the cost of treatment up to 4.5 billion USD per year, making the hospital stay on average increased from 4-7 days.

Automatic hand hygiene control and prompting when not following the proper procedures will minimize the harm caused.

3. Safety and Security:

Coordinate with security system susch as: camera systems, locking systems, elevator systems, security guards in hospitals to ensure safety and security for hospitals, staffs, patients, patients’ relatives, as well as hospital properties.

4. Infant Protection

Strictly control the position, movement and interaction of infants legally (parents, medical personnel) or illegal (unauthorized persons), in coordination with alarm system, door systems, security, security guards to ensure the highest level of newborns.

5. Environment control

Monitor the temperature, humidity, lighting conditions, concentration of carbon dioxide… in the hospital, in drug rooms, vaccines room, patient treatment rooms, … alerting if not at the allowed level control for the operating environment of the hospital in the most appropriate way and according to the hospital standards.

6. Asset Management

  • Display the exact location of medical devices in real time (the error is below 1m)
  • Search the location of assets quickly and accurately
  • Ability to integrate additional sensors to know the operating status of the medical devices
  • Report of historical movement of assets,
  • Warning when there is an abnormal moving, prevent theft

7. Integrate into existing hospital management systems.


Nhatrang Hitech company is a pioneer in the application of high-precision indoor/outdoor positioning solutions in Vietnam. We provide hardware, api and software so customers can integrate into their system.

The interested applications:

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