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Hello 2021

Time flies, indeed! 

It seems only yesterday once we started 2020 and now, we are in the last days of 2020 and preparing to welcome 2021! 

Year 2020 has been the crazy year for many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a dark cloud over global economy, affects our health, work, school, and daily activities. Luckily, with great efforts of the researchers, medical staffs in around the world with the huge funding from many government and non-government organizations, at the year end, vaccine brings the new hope for the human back to normal life. Start shipping now in US, UK,…. and many other countries around the world are planning for having vaccine for their citizens. Production capacity and logistics issues are somehow easy to deal with, if compare with researching the certified vaccines. 

The outlook of first half 2021 seems still challenging, the second half looks more positive for the economy.

Looking back year 2020, there were many contracts and orders have been cancelled or postponed, there were many business plans have no chance to implement. That’s “new normal” in COVID-19 year.

Regarding #GalaxyRTLS, the application in factory for digitalization and optimization almost postponing, the factory owners not allow/restrict vendor to visit their factories and face-to-face meeting with their staffs during COVID-19. With thousands of workers, reducing risk is more important to deploying the new projects in these hard time periods. 

In retail, the owners are trying to find a way to adapt with the “new normal” and preparing for the next pandemic (if happen!). Social distancing, tracing solutions are interested in. Because of the good monitoring in COVID-19, Vietnam government quickly takes control the outbreaks. Some retailers are interested in target advertising, but frankly, not easy to implement new project in COVID-19 year.

Healthcare , education, hospitality, office building shows more interested in the realtime track and trace solution, there are many applications related to staffs, visitors, assets…. which give the benefits for the end user and the building/property owner.

The application for safety and security purpose are highly demand. 

The application for warehouse such as asset tracking, forklift tracking, internal logistic optimisation … are rising demand.

On the bright side, Vietnam market is somehow still developing in 2020, the partners/customers in Europe, US have not any update during a year, in some Asia countries such as Korea still working. And luckily we are developing Australia market this year, although Victoria had lockdown some times. 

We already stepped into Australia market from 2011, for research support activities, then keeping silence at that market for a while (from 2015). 

10 years from the first time, now our products are in that market again…

Keep fighting, keep innovation, keep looking the new opportunities…



GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

The very first interactive running track in Vietnam

The very first interactive running track in Vietnam was successfully launched with the playground “Va^.t cu~ mon re`n ne^n nha` vo^ dich” of Nestle MILO at Sc Vivo City, Ho Chi Minh City on June 8 and 9, 2019 and Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, Hanoi on June 15 and 16, 2019.

The event attracted thousands of participants in the place, creating a very good effect for the brand.

Photos of events at Sc Vivo city, Ho Chi Minh City:

Photos of events at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square, Hanoi:

The interactive running track is an application of the #GalaxyRTLS, which is researched and developed by Nhatrang Hitech, and FIRST INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY is a deployment partner.

#GalaxyRTLS real-time location system has application packages for:

-Real-time Worker/VIP positioning system.

– Real-time asset management system.

– Real-time pallet management system.

Nhatrang Hitech is also cooperating with many partners to deploy projects for Smart Building, Smart Office, Smart Factory, Smart Warehouse, Smart City …

Please visit the website for further information or contact for cooperation opportunities!

Academic Research Support Center

Academic Research Support Center (ARSC) was established in December 1, 2011, located in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. ARSC is the department of Nhatrang Hi-tech company, Ltd., our aims are:
-To assist Researchers in the design and development of support services required for research projects.
-To assist/consult high-level technical knowledge/skills development in order to provide solutions suitable for latest research.
-To train personnel fostering talents for science and technology, raise the scientific and technological capacity so as to master advanced and high technologies as well as absorb the world’s scientific and technological achievements in order to create and fruitfully apply new technologies; create new products with high competitiveness; develop Vietnam’s science and technology to the advanced level in the region and approach the world’s level, which shall serve as a firm basis for the development of modern industries; and boost the popularization and application of scientific and technological achievements to production and life.

Areas of operation:

– Scientific research, technological research and development, experimental development and trial production the products/projects which are related to electrical and electronic, information and communication technology (i.e. Electronics, Power electronics, RF, Embedded system, Robotics, Software, Website, Phone Application…)
– Scientific and technological services are related to technology transfer, services on consultancy, personnel training and fostering, popularization and application of scientific and technological knowledge as well as practical experiences.

Expert Advisory Council

1. Adjunct Prof. Dr. Kamal Alameh
2. Adjunct Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nghia
3. Dr. Phung Quoc Viet
4. Dr. Phung Son Lam

The center is cooperating with the Electron Science Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, Australia. We are now contacting with some more universities and institutes in Australia to expand the operation.

About Nhatrang Hi-tech company, Ltd.

Founded June 2011
Location Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Hochiminh city, Vietnam (Branch)

Description Nhatrang Hi-tech company (NHTC) is the private company working in the electronic and ICT industry. We are the design house and manufacturer, focus on the gadgets for smart-homes, smart-cars and smart-displays
Products NHTC focus on the gadgets for smart-homes, smart-cars and smart-displays
Slogan Hi-tech is for serving human life
Phone +84-58-3601-379

[NHTC News – Dec 2011]

Creative power of the young people

I usually talk with the young people about the technology, about the creativity, about how to use the tool to describe the idea, expand freedom of the human intelligence. Talk with them whenever having chance, in university or even in the coffee shop.

One of the most important factor to become the successful person in technology field is the creativity, and young people, with full of the creative power, would be the main force for that developing…

Young man, motherland needs you to become the powerful country…

Hong Kong trip 2009

The business trip 2009 in HK was the first time I go oversea, many feelings for the first time saw the difference: the culture, the lifestyle, the infrastructure, traffic…

There’s many things to tell, about my thought, about my feeling…

Have dinner with Eunice - Fascinations HK

With Tien at the HK beach

At HK top


Dear my friends,

As already stated, I create the blog in English, focus on my Technical activities and my thoughts about the electrical-electronics industry in Vietnam and worldwide.

English is not my mother language, I’m just trying to blog to tell you what I am doing, what I am thinking,… this is also the way I am opening the door to the world.

Hope you have an enjoy time when reading my blog…

Any feedback, comment is highly appreciated, please feel free to contact me at for any discussion!

Best regards,

Hieu Bui