OnTrak Smart Buildings

Improving security and safety for buildings, optimizing operation and enhancing a better experience to end-users, providing the benefits to the property owners, service providers, customers and end-users. OnTrak Realtime Location System – OnTrakRTLS provides important information about the “Location Based Service” for the Smart Buildings

Buildings, including many office complexes or apartments,… when equipped the “smart” features, providing the benefits to many stakeholders, such as:

  • Property owners – real estate company
  • Service provider –  security companies, cleaning companies…
  • Customers – companies lease office or open work-space
  • End-users – workers, employees, using of buildings space for their works

“Smart” features can be equipped by Internet of Things devices (#IoTs), automatic control program integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other utilities.

Realtime location information of objects in buildings and location based services also contributed to create an “smart buildings”.

Some features that OnTrak Realtime Location SystemOnTrakRTLS can provide:

(1) To improve the security and safety of the buildings: Security and safety are important factors when operating the buildings in normal conditions daily, and in case of the emergency . Location information of end users (employees, visitors, …) is important information, combined with a security camera, warning lights, security staffs … to:

  • Access control and visitor management (employees, residents, visitors…)
  • Automate Emergency Procedures

Employees or visitors enter the building is allowed to move in the authorized areas. The system can be combined with door control system to lock/unlock for the area is allowed/not allowed in for each specific audience.

Authorize and open door automatically

The cleaner worker to do buildings cleaning services daily, in the assigned areas. Security patrol guard through the specified locations, check the critical equipment, send the report immediately if any problems occur, or has any damaged equipment. OnTrak Realtime Location SystemOnTrakRTLS can record the journey of security guard and cleaner worker in the building, export the location based reports in real time, displayed on the monitor software and notified to the relevant departments via email/SMS…

The system can also alert/warning if security guard or cleaner worker not follow the procedure.

Update the position and task of the employee in the realtime

Monitoring of the position of high value assets, as well as the operating status, notification when there is any abnormal moving of assets to avoid losses.

Asset Monitoring

In case of incidents in the buildings, the specified location information of each person is extremely important information to carry out rescue work.

Support the rescue work

(2) To optimize space, operation and cost savings

For the open work-space, what areas are being used, and where are available, the areas are often used is an important information to optimize the space and relocate the layout.

Information about the using status of the cafeteria, bars, coffee in the buildings at peak hours can be helpful to employees in order to arrange to not wait too long if want to use the relevant services.

(3) To enhance user experience

Path finding in the large buildings is the big concert for the visitor. With location information updates in real time, OnTrakRTLS system can provide the visitor navigation service, search the position and status of any assets or objects in the realtime.

Path finding and mobile location based service

Improving security and safety for building, optimizing operation and bringing a better experience to end-users, providing the benefits to the property owners, service providers, customers and end-users.

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