New update of the OnTrakRTLS Management Website

New functions of the #OnTrakRTLS Management Website, special to adapt with “NEW NORMAL” working condition after COVID-19:

MAPS: Display the realtime location of the tracked objects on the map and all realtime events
PHOTO MAPS: Display the photos taken by the smartphone of the OnTrakRTLS users in map view and list view format
POWER MANAGEMENT: Display the power management page of the machines which are connected to OnTrakRTLS system
MESSAGE CENTER: Display the status of the synchronized LED panel and text/voice message which is connected to OnTrakRTLS system
HISTORY: Display the history of the tracked objects in the specific time period
HEATMAPS: Analyze the heatmaps of tracked objects in the specific time period
SETUP: System setup (map, base station, tag) and config the time center, the text message, voice message, set the schedule, alarm
UPDATE: Update the firmware program for the base station over the air – FOTA
REPORT: The system report for applications and objects (worker, asset, robot,…)
COVID-19: Display the history moving of a suspected person during a suspected period and export a list of employees who were contacted with a suspected person .
SYSTEM: Summary the working status of the devices
DEVELOPERS: Manage the API key and application are connected to the OnTrakRTLS
USER: Account management and authorize

Please contact Nhatrang Hitech company for further information!

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