Hello 2021

Time flies, indeed! 

It seems only yesterday once we started 2020 and now, we are in the last days of 2020 and preparing to welcome 2021! 

Year 2020 has been the crazy year for many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a dark cloud over global economy, affects our health, work, school, and daily activities. Luckily, with great efforts of the researchers, medical staffs in around the world with the huge funding from many government and non-government organizations, at the year end, vaccine brings the new hope for the human back to normal life. Start shipping now in US, UK,…. and many other countries around the world are planning for having vaccine for their citizens. Production capacity and logistics issues are somehow easy to deal with, if compare with researching the certified vaccines. 

The outlook of first half 2021 seems still challenging, the second half looks more positive for the economy.

Looking back year 2020, there were many contracts and orders have been cancelled or postponed, there were many business plans have no chance to implement. That’s “new normal” in COVID-19 year.

Regarding #GalaxyRTLS, the application in factory for digitalization and optimization almost postponing, the factory owners not allow/restrict vendor to visit their factories and face-to-face meeting with their staffs during COVID-19. With thousands of workers, reducing risk is more important to deploying the new projects in these hard time periods. 

In retail, the owners are trying to find a way to adapt with the “new normal” and preparing for the next pandemic (if happen!). Social distancing, tracing solutions are interested in. Because of the good monitoring in COVID-19, Vietnam government quickly takes control the outbreaks. Some retailers are interested in target advertising, but frankly, not easy to implement new project in COVID-19 year.

Healthcare , education, hospitality, office building shows more interested in the realtime track and trace solution, there are many applications related to staffs, visitors, assets…. which give the benefits for the end user and the building/property owner.

The application for safety and security purpose are highly demand. 

The application for warehouse such as asset tracking, forklift tracking, internal logistic optimisation … are rising demand.

On the bright side, Vietnam market is somehow still developing in 2020, the partners/customers in Europe, US have not any update during a year, in some Asia countries such as Korea still working. And luckily we are developing Australia market this year, although Victoria had lockdown some times. 

We already stepped into Australia market from 2011, for research support activities, then keeping silence at that market for a while (from 2015). 

10 years from the first time, now our products are in that market again…

Keep fighting, keep innovation, keep looking the new opportunities…



GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

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