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The robot contest at Cao Thang Technical College

Robot contest at Cao Thang Technical College

While Hochiminh city University of Technology (HCMUT) is the leading technical university in South Vietnam,  Cao Thang Technical College is the leading technical college, where supplies many quality workers for the labor market in South Vietnam.

Upgraded from the Technical school, Cao Thang  Technical college continues trying to make an interesting study environment for the pupils and students.

One among them, the department of electronic and electromechanic  are organizing the Line Follower Robot contest, that is simpler than yearly ABU Robot Contest, but it’s an encouraged effort, be suitable with the 3 years student.

The good beginning in an interesting playground brings up the passion, technical guys!

Let’s hope for the success of the contest!

NXP’s contest

This is an interesting contest for the Engineer and Student who interest in the embedded system and ARM Cortex M3 technology.

For the information, please refer the link:

I’m sure you will love it, my friends!

Let’s try to become the winner!