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Internet of Everything: HiBricks

The trends:

1. Internet of Everything:

– Devices are all connected through internet that customer can easily access to and control at any time, and anywhere. (expertise everywhere, connectedness)

– Machine to machine communication (M2M), machine to human communication (M2H): bring the unbelievable convenience and comfortable to the human, which have never had before.

– Data pushes to cloud. The big data is the valuable data to analyze the customer habits, energy saving, give an advice… for the human (big judgment) (will be discussed in the next phase or next project).

2. Customization and flexibility

The progression

From the beginning: PC/laptop is assembled in factory and delivered to customer in full package with default hardware configuration.

Recently: Customer can choose different spare parts and build their own configuration to their PC/laptop. Assembly process can be done by supplier or themselves to have a specific hardware configuration.

3. Customers can build their own system even they are not an engineer or an expert in electronic or software/firmware fields. Customers can still design their final product with all features they had wished without professional knowledge in the area:

Hardware: What is inside the box is not important! Customers can build a system with set function or feature they ever wanted.

Software/firmware: Bringing a solution for normal customers who do not have knowledge in programming or software. Customers can use human language to communicate with machine, and build their own program for their equipment!

The progression: Only an expert can make the product => Engineer => Hobbies who have knowledge in electrical design à ANYONE without knowledge on electrical (This project will bring Human closer to expert on electrical. A new way to approach technology, which matches the recent trends)


Internet of Everything:

“Internet of Everything (IoE) — a network of networks where billions of connections create unprecedented opportunities as well as new risks.

Cisco believes IoE brings together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before — turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.” (From Cisco)

The IoE is connecting the unconnected:



IoE: Networked Connection of People, Process, Data, Things


Internet Growth is Occurring in Waves:



Firms in Developed countries are currently realizing the most IoE value:


IoE: How it Delivers value and How much is at Stake?


Top 4 Industries Make up more than half of value of Stake


Note: Above pictures are from Cisco

Refer below link for further information about IoE and its market value:,~tab,acc~resource-center

Recently many well-known companies and/or organizations having interested in and researching on this IoE such as Cisco, ARM, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Freescale Semicondutors, Texas Instruments… Every one realized IoE era is coming up. In addition, startup companies are focusing on such research, and big investments are spending on developing IoE products. (Please refer

With the great affect on all service sector, applications, locations devices and people, IoE definitely a potential field for your investment.