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New update of the OnTrakRTLS Management Website

New functions of the #OnTrakRTLS Management Website, special to adapt with “NEW NORMAL” working condition after COVID-19:

MAPS: Display the realtime location of the tracked objects on the map and all realtime events
PHOTO MAPS: Display the photos taken by the smartphone of the OnTrakRTLS users in map view and list view format
POWER MANAGEMENT: Display the power management page of the machines which are connected to OnTrakRTLS system
MESSAGE CENTER: Display the status of the synchronized LED panel and text/voice message which is connected to OnTrakRTLS system
HISTORY: Display the history of the tracked objects in the specific time period
HEATMAPS: Analyze the heatmaps of tracked objects in the specific time period
SETUP: System setup (map, base station, tag) and config the time center, the text message, voice message, set the schedule, alarm
UPDATE: Update the firmware program for the base station over the air – FOTA
REPORT: The system report for applications and objects (worker, asset, robot,…)
COVID-19: Display the history moving of a suspected person during a suspected period and export a list of employees who were contacted with a suspected person .
SYSTEM: Summary the working status of the devices
DEVELOPERS: Manage the API key and application are connected to the OnTrakRTLS
USER: Account management and authorize

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OnTrakRTLS support to disease prevention in the factory

Factories resume manufacture after the long holiday, to adapt to the current situation, the declaration of the employee’s travel schedule within the last 14 days becomes necessary information for employees to start working , checking the staff temperature every day, requirement to limit direct contact with another staffs – if not really necessary, keep a minimum distance in the factory cafeteria, and many other regulations will be set down by the company to reduce the risks caused by the disease.

Prevention is always a top priority, but at the same time, risk management is always necessary. When an staff infected with virus is found in the factory, besides treatment, in order to minimize damage caused by plant stoppage, it is necessary to make a list of employees who have direct contact to monitoring or isolation.

OnTrak Realtime location system – OnTrakRTLS can record the history of moving of a suspected object during a suspected period and export a list of employees who were contacted, when and how long the contact was made, list of direct contact personnel and sub levels to monitor and isolate.

View the history of moving in the specific time period:

Illustration of levels exposed to suspected objects:

Excel file of the employees exposed according to the exposure level:

List of direct contact personnel with the infected person:

List of secondary levels contact personnel with the infected person:

By this way, the factory can monitor and isolate suspicious objects appropriately, and at the same time disinfectant/cleaning the area where the infected objects have moved to ensure safety and minimize damage to the factory.

Digitizing the location of people/assets/machines in buildings, factories, hospitals, airports… not only to optimize the operations, provide better security and safety assistance, also bring a lot of useful information when any problem happen.

Nhatrang Hitech company is a pioneer in the application of high-precision indoor/outdoor positioning solutions in Vietnam. We provide hardware, api and software so partners/customers can integrate into their system.

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OnTrak Smart Buildings

Improving security and safety for buildings, optimizing operation and enhancing a better experience to end-users, providing the benefits to the property owners, service providers, customers and end-users. OnTrak Realtime Location System – OnTrakRTLS provides important information about the “Location Based Service” for the Smart Buildings

Buildings, including many office complexes or apartments,… when equipped the “smart” features, providing the benefits to many stakeholders, such as:

  • Property owners – real estate company
  • Service provider –  security companies, cleaning companies…
  • Customers – companies lease office or open work-space
  • End-users – workers, employees, using of buildings space for their works

“Smart” features can be equipped by Internet of Things devices (#IoTs), automatic control program integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many other utilities.

Realtime location information of objects in buildings and location based services also contributed to create an “smart buildings”.

Some features that OnTrak Realtime Location SystemOnTrakRTLS can provide:

(1) To improve the security and safety of the buildings: Security and safety are important factors when operating the buildings in normal conditions daily, and in case of the emergency . Location information of end users (employees, visitors, …) is important information, combined with a security camera, warning lights, security staffs … to:

  • Access control and visitor management (employees, residents, visitors…)
  • Automate Emergency Procedures

Employees or visitors enter the building is allowed to move in the authorized areas. The system can be combined with door control system to lock/unlock for the area is allowed/not allowed in for each specific audience.

Authorize and open door automatically

The cleaner worker to do buildings cleaning services daily, in the assigned areas. Security patrol guard through the specified locations, check the critical equipment, send the report immediately if any problems occur, or has any damaged equipment. OnTrak Realtime Location SystemOnTrakRTLS can record the journey of security guard and cleaner worker in the building, export the location based reports in real time, displayed on the monitor software and notified to the relevant departments via email/SMS…

The system can also alert/warning if security guard or cleaner worker not follow the procedure.

Update the position and task of the employee in the realtime

Monitoring of the position of high value assets, as well as the operating status, notification when there is any abnormal moving of assets to avoid losses.

Asset Monitoring

In case of incidents in the buildings, the specified location information of each person is extremely important information to carry out rescue work.

Support the rescue work

(2) To optimize space, operation and cost savings

For the open work-space, what areas are being used, and where are available, the areas are often used is an important information to optimize the space and relocate the layout.

Information about the using status of the cafeteria, bars, coffee in the buildings at peak hours can be helpful to employees in order to arrange to not wait too long if want to use the relevant services.

(3) To enhance user experience

Path finding in the large buildings is the big concert for the visitor. With location information updates in real time, OnTrakRTLS system can provide the visitor navigation service, search the position and status of any assets or objects in the realtime.

Path finding and mobile location based service

Improving security and safety for building, optimizing operation and bringing a better experience to end-users, providing the benefits to the property owners, service providers, customers and end-users.

Contact us for deploying OnTrak Realtime Location SystemOnTrakRTLS in Smart Buildings.

OnTrak Smart Factory – Visualization & Analytics

Location-based and operating data of workers, machines, forklifts, AGVs in the factory when synthesized, analyzed into statistics, predictions, visualization into charts, graphs … give an overview and analysis of the factory operation, assess the problems and improve, optimize the operation.

The interactive dashboard is accessible through the Web or mobile application, provides access to powerful visual analytics to explore the data elaborated by OnTrak. It allows to understand how the factory is operating, where the workers and asset are in the factory, how many production line are operating, the production speed…

Operating of the production line, production speed, target quantity and estimate when reach the target:

Analyze the worker performance in realtime:

Analyze the performance of AGV / forklift to understand machine efficiency, time usage. Heatmap and spaghetti chart to analyze the suitability of layout, optimization of operation.

For further information and advice how to take steps toward the smart factory please contact:

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Nhatrang Hitech – Professional IoT Solution

Smart Factory using IoT and OnTrak RTLS – Step by Step

Smart Factory solution of Nhatrang Hitech based on Internet of Things (#IoT) and Realtime Location System (#OnTrakRTLS), seamlessly integrate humans, technologies, and communications to rapidly adapt production processes and meet ever-changing market conditions.

The first important step is digitalization the factory operation.

Deployed in 35m x 8m factory area, with 4 staff tags and 1 robot tag. In the first phase, the solution:

  • Get the position of staff and asset in the realtime and display in the dash board.
  • Create the geo-fence, when the worker enter/leave that area, will display the alert on the dashboard.
  • View history of moving of staff/asset from time to time.
  • Analyze the performance of staff/robot …

For further information and advice how to take steps toward the smart factory, please contact:

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Nhatrang Hitech – Professional IoT Solution